LankaDesigners specialist profitability on the Internet

It is the taste of the challenge and the vision of the value added from ICT who pushed the three partners to undertake.

The ambition is to become LankaDesigners the web for the most effective return on Internet agency.

We want to take our values and our skills to develop projects more important, without neglecting the other hand, SMEs and SMIs, Sri Lankan economy. What we like is to effectively contribute to the development of your business. Our web agency seeks to qualify and quantify the value and profitability of your website over time to build your reputation.

The web LankaDesigners agency wants, through its projects, earning the image of specialist profitability on the Internet. This can only be achieved by controlling the 5 following fields: The design consultancy e-business, graphic design, web design and creation in general and the specific development of CRM and e-commerce software, the SEO professional to measure for the promotion of websites and hosting.

The values of our web agency LankaDesigners
You have a project in an emergency, you stand to keep a true partner to optimize your presence on the internet.
LankaDesigners your web agency responds accordingly to satisfy you.

Web-marketing consultancy
Our team of consultants should define, in collaboration with you, your needs, expectations, and challenges in terms of internet strategy. Indeed, it is important, given the technical complexity of the Internet, its impact differences and use, surround yourself with the skills of a leader LankaDesigners project. It must not only master the tool, but also know that it fits your environment point of view: strategic, marketing and sales. His vision, mixed with yours can only bring you a significant added value. LankaDesigners, is more than a web agency is a partner you can rely: We are the skills necessary for the success of your web project whatsoever, with the goal of improving profitability of your business. Our expertise is at your service.

Spirit of partnership
We want a long term relationship with our customers: a win-win relationship. For this, our web agency acts as an associate contractor of your team. Here then, in the interest of the client, the solution that best meets their needs, depending on their environment and budget.

LankaDesigners invests systematically in terms of pedagogy that clients can control the choice between different solutions and the progress of their project. LankaDesigners has been thus provide regular, continuing projects, equity, demonstrating its genuine spirit of partnership.

Our web agency has developed for 2 years, a technology watch service that comes from the expertise of the partners, and a business plan which takes between 3 and 5% of the time all LankaDesigners team. This allows us to offer the best technology applied, the best professional SEO possible, and new ideas and tips that a marketing point of view and business make a difference with your competitors.

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