Work in a web agency

The nature of work differs depending on whether you are in an agency or if you are in the ad. Wages are deemed to be higher for the advertiser, but this is not always true.
Moreover, the pressure is higher in agency than the advertiser. The skills we expect our employees are the organization, knowing withstand the pressure and be able to work on several issues at once, which should be made on time.

The advantage of working in an agency is the fact that there is a synergy. Generally our employees are passionate, people will look for information and the exchange, discuss, make tests, working as a laboratory and try to give the customer the best that it is possible to give ( in any relativity to the contract and the price he has paid).
Our web agency encourages this type of behavior.

That is why we organized the eve SEO and web marketing, and why we advocate the eve technical and we encourage internal and external training.

Employment among Lanka Designers
Our web agency has 2 years and is surrounded by experienced staff as our project managers have an average of over 10 years of experience. Business are business who can advise a client and have the duty to advise the client, not only in relation to what it expresses, but also in relation to what we can guess (expressed need engineers and substantial). We will always advise the client with respect to its interest ROI, we aim for a return on investment. However, we also surround youth who will bring some freshness and new ideas.

There is a part in our society. In fact, our agency has its own methodology for careers in web and this is what is instilled and what we do evolve regularly.

We aim being the best agency in Sri Lanka in terms of profitability for its customers.
To meet this challenge, we developed an internal strategy on three main areas:

1) The recruitment of people with good mood, healthy, teamwork and solidarity. These values are at least as important to us as the technical competence itself. If a candidate for a position does not possess, it is eliminated.
2) techniqu e capitalization and web marketing tools to not reproduce developments already made, refined statistical analysis or to develop useful tools for cross many sites. We also capitalize methods, standard documents and processes to improve the quality of work of the team.
3) The development of our know-how through training and Eve for 2 years. The latter being organized either for SEO, technical or marketing. We send some of our results to the client (only part because we do not tell him that is too technical).


We have a strategy of national and international development that will allow people full of talent and goodwill, to express themselves and to evolve, either through their compensation or responsibilities.

Our ambition is great, and our team is solid: The few who are parties in the last 2 years had an average of more than 4 years experience in LankaDesigners. Our developers are on average four years, and other employees are much higher retention levels, which demonstrates the quality of staff retention within the company, the atmosphere that reigns there, the quality work and provides assurance that our clients regularly face the same partners.

There is a good atmosphere and integration seminar is scheduled each year for people who join us.

You will come with us grow and evolve.
What comes first staff when asked "What can motivate a person to come and work with LankaDesigners?"
Answer: "Good atmosphere and good spirit."

Today, as a web agency, LankaDesigners experiencing strong growth and we need to continually expand our team with professional experience or future ...

Our objective: To optimize the activity of our customers through creating websites tailored!
If you are motivated and have a good state of mind, contact us!

Our job in our agency
Find here all our vacancies.

Business consultant internet marketing
We rechechons a person able to quickly and effectively analyze customer needs and the best advice to optimize their Internet activity.

PHP Developer - MySQL
Our web agency looking for an experienced PHP developer MySQL for creating websites A to Z custom.

Professional consultant SEO Optimizer
LankaDesigners web agency looking for a professional referrer to join its team of SEO professional websites.

Development Trainee PHP and CSS integration
We are looking for Trainee PHP MySQL development to help create websites tailored in collaboration with a project manager, responsible for training and artistic director.

Integrator - XHTLM - CSS
Lanka Designers research integrator / web developer to create custom websites with good integration skills and development.

Trainee web communication
Our web agency looking for a (e) trainee web communication.

SEO web marketing internship oriented
Our web agency looking for a (e) oriented SEO web marketing intern.

Internship as assistant project manager
Our web research agency a (an) trainee assistant project manager, accompanied by experienced project manager, will support multiple projects.

Graphics / web design
Our web agency looking for a (e) computer graphics professional contract or internship.

PHP Developer - MySQL Manager
We're hiring a PHP Developer MySQL Manager with the skills to create websites tailored to Z, together with a project manager, an integrator and artistic director.

Network Administrator
Our web research a head of internal corporate network and external servers (PCC private cloud computing) agency.

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