Digital strategy consulting

Our experts always begin by trying to understand your business strategy:

  • Who are you? What is your project?
  • What are your goals for 3-5 years?
  • What do you sell? Who?
  • How structured is your market?
  • Will there any barriers to entry?
  • What are your sources of differentiation?
  • What are your strengths / weaknesses, and how to transform a source of strength or weakness differentiation in force?
  • What are your opportunities and constraints of the market, and your challenges?
  • What are your resources and skills available?

This step is very important because your business strategy you committed for several years in one direction or toward a goal: the advice we provide will be consistent with it.


Some companies (usually larger) have clearly identified their strategy. For others, we provide an additional external analysis.

We performed this work for the benefit of new entrepreneurs and SMEs up to several hundred people. Sometimes this strategy consultancy is involved in a branding consultancy and development.


A web broad strategy
The website of a company's strategy is defined after a first analysis can be faster or slower depending on the circumstances and the stakes.

Our account managers will advise you on the type of studies to be conducted by showing you examples and define with you the goals.

Contact us on 01 70320200 or contact by clicking here .

Competitive analysis and benchmarking

This is a study of direct competition and / or indirect, on online players but also potentially offline, Sri Lankan and / or foreign.
Benchmarking is often performed on players with the same target and the same market structure. We study marketing criteria, functional, communication, usability, navigation, social and SEO.

The studies are set tailored to the needs of each client.

Consulting business strategy study
It is essential to define in a few words (up to 6) the strategic positioning of the company, in parallel with its objective to 3-5 years. When we do an original project (eg a new concept of pure Site player), we sometimes carry a close study of conceptualization of the marketing mix.

Then we define clearly what you sell, to whom, and how best to do it. Outlined are the sources of differentiation and imagine ways to optimize your business to maximize impact, eventually your business model.

Digital strategy consulting Study
It defines several distinct stages:

Study strategic web marketing strategy
Strategic positioning, product or service you sell, target sources of differentiation to highlight, key success factors then promote: the elements of the business strategy adapted to the web is recalled.

Study in communication web
A study in web communication is to determine the strategy of the future website.

Based on the competition in the field of targeted activity, our web agency analyzes the strengths and weaknesses as well as sources of differentiation existing Internet points.

We are also working on e-reputation of our competitors and their positioning in social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, etc..).

After extensive work on each of the levers on-line, we are able to provide strategic communication plan on the web.

The goal of branding is to find the right positioning but also the proper way to communicate in a very competitive intent environment.

For this, a detailed study of the competition, a targeted analysis of the environment and a study of web communication are needed.

We conducted studies of online market for the creation of brands in the ready-to-wear but also for a large group of drugstores.

Functional specifications and technical
We recommend that you make a specification if you have a website project:

  • Innovative, for which there is no ready-made solutions (WordPress or Prestashop deviation).
  • Complex, with particular level of functionality or workflow specifications.

The purpose of the specification is to define all of your project:

  • Expose your strategy on the web: your target, your position, your sources of differentiation ...
  • Make an inventory of services for it
  • Describe in detail all the essential services that you offer functionality.
  • Report your constraints (technical, functional, human, time, budget, ...)
  • This prevents:

    • Bad encryption specifications, resulting from poor delineation of features.
    • The development of unusable features. If your provider does not know your specific needs, your target, your strategy on the internet ... it can develop a feature according to the contract but unusable.
    • The development of unnecessary features. After reading your specifications, the contractor, by his knowledge of the Internet and experience, can advise you on the appropriateness of functionality or implementation thereof.

    If you want to realize a specification or if you want assistance for its implementation, please contact us on 01 70320320



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