Search Engine Optimization

We call all SEO techniques to drive traffic to a website. This is mainly positioned in the top results of search engines and directories use the reputation or other sites that already have a high traffic.

A good ranking on search engines is still by far the most effective lever.

Methodology Lanka Designers in terms of SEO
To be well positioned in the search engines, there are several solutions:

Natural Solutions

Or SEO. They are to demonstrate that our site is better than competing sites. It is a perpetual race in which we must try to be first on some queries requested (ie the keywords or key phrases requested by users).


Or paid search. This is payable directly search engines to be well positioned. Again, the quality of the site run plays role as a relevant site on request pay less publicity and will be better than a site less relevant.

Given the difficulty of acquiring traffic, technological change and instability means, the easier for a client to pay its SEO performance. It is the economic model Lanka Designers: our agency invests its money, the customer invests his time on certain essential tasks, and together we get the objectives and consistent traffic.

We also offer standard solutions to the map, that is to say in relation to the desired services, which are of 3 types:

Technique Semantique Netlinking
improve the technology of the website, its taken into account by search engines to maximize SEO Essential to demonstrate that the contents of the website are in line with user queries Demonstrating the relevance of the content to search engines, and therefore the benefit of users

Complementarity between SEO and paid search

The advertising referencing, the timeliness and relevance of its results, can allow a company to grow commercially on very large or very targeted geographic areas, or launch new products based on events and seasons. However, the overall cost is often higher than that of SEO.

Optimization advertising SEO relies on specific strategies that can be complementary to those of SEO. That is why we often recommend today to realize the advertising SEO SEO parallel.

Indeed, in addition to traditional web marketing analysis we perform upstream of SEO, analyzing the results of a campaign of advertising SEO can yield interesting results. To give an example, encryption of the statistics provided by Google Analytics interferes with reading information from the SEO: in this case, the information from the advertising SEO can be overcome and allow for a meaningful analysis.

Our years of expertise in the natural and advertising SEO (thanks to Adwords certified staff meetings and regular standby) allows us to achieve very high performance level over time, a large number of sites.
This quality SEO leads to very good results in terms of profitability for our customers.

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