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Strategy before creating your professional website

Whether you are a professional or a large or small business, you are more exposed to competition on the Internet.
This is why you must, prior to the creation of your website, how to define:

  • Position yourself strategically and communicate your brand
  • You differentiate as much as possible by using levers enabled by the web
  • Be able to generate maximum traffic at the lowest cost to enhance your business visibility and reputation
  • Continually improve the conversion rate of the traffic qualified prospects or customers
  • Save and use your data to better inform you about your customers and then retain the best
  • Our job is also to think with you.

    What technology to create your website?
    If your project is a catalog or online store, you will want to create your site, using a framework of e-commerce way to start on a sound technical basis and scalable.
    The best known are Magento and Prestashop but they are not always the most suitable.

    Opencart and Golden-Core are less known but no less interesting: it depends (among others) your need, your history, your technical constraints.
    Check our references to e-commerce sites.

    The issues are the same for a showcase site, institutional or to prospect but the frameworks are different. We quote Drupal, WordPress or Golden-Core.
    Check our references showcases websites.

    To create a community or linking site, the frameworks available are fewer. We can mention among the best known Zend, Symphony or Sencha.

    Some of these frameworks have already provided gateways to synchronize your data with various ERP or with banking institutions or transport. The goal is of course to have a professional at a lower cost, but also scalable site.
    Check our references to community sites .

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible to make a real site site measurement, comply in all respects with the client ideally wants, from a "ready to use" framework (like Drupal, Magento, Prestashop , WordPress ...), at lower cost.
    Either you adapt to the technology and the cost can be greatly reduced, or you have special needs and budget can quickly increase.

    The budget for the creation of your website depends on three components:

    • Your need for advice (most important qualitatively)
    • Your need for custom design and most important quantitatively
    • Your need for development, depending on your technical specifications If you do not have, our web agency has developed an expertise in studies and advice specifications, important before creating ambitious website. It also allows you to make comparable quotes from web agencies.

    The most interesting technology which is also going to experience significant growth in the coming years, which will be optimized for the search engines, especially in terms of language and especially in terms of weight and therefore loading time.

    We conducted an internal study about it to compare the main frameworks: no one is perfect so far as we are! All have advantages and disadvantages.
    So we can advise you seriously after studying your project and after discussion with you about it.

    Our account managers can advise you with a very specific argument on the technology best suited to your project, and then creating your budget for professional website.
    They can be reached by phone at +94 (0) 78 6688 936 or Form.

    Packs website creation
    Our web agency created Silver Market, a brand dedicated to creating professional websites at lower cost, accessible (because they are designed as a package), with the simple but essential for comprehensive sites.
    Discover our package offers web agency by going to the dedicated website: www.budgetweb.lk .

    Essentially, it's packs creation showcase site, ecommerce or professional blogs.
    For $ 250.00 to $ 500.00 (payable in installments), discover our packs incorporating a consulting phase, a professional design and some of the best technologies of the moment.

    For these offers website design, it is possible to request a 100% paid SEO results!
    To receive this benefit, our account manager will select your project based on:

    • your capacity as project manager
    • and interest in the project

    Thereafter, the agency director will give its final approval or motivate its refusal.

    The majority of projects are accepted, but we can not endorse a project that we do not believe.
    This first phase of advice and analysis is of course free and without obligation.



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