Community Management

The key figures for the Community Management

Community Management is essential today because we know the explosion of social networks. It is therefore necessary to manage all this traffic. * The figures speak for themselves:

• + 1 billion Internet users are on Facebook
• 500 million Twitter accounts
• 3 million blogs are created every month
• 235 million members to Google +
• 788 million users on the social networks via their mobile phone at least once a day
• 25 million mobile users on Foursquare
• Instagram: 5,000,000 photos uploaded daily
• YouTube: 4 billion videos viewed daily
57% of Internet users speak more about social networks in real life!

In Sri Lanka:
• + 4 million Sri Lankan connected to one or more social networks
• Facebook: 2 million users
• 1 million Sri Lankan connect to Facebook via mobile
• Twitter: 5.5 million users
• Google +: 1 million unique visitors
• Linkedin: 200000
• Viadeo: 500000
• Nothing on the homepage of YouTube: 0.5 million unique visitors per day


Who is Community Management?
Community Management is open to any company, any brand, any organization wishing to:

• Federate ranks around her
• Create an image on social networks
• Create a real and lasting relationship with its environment, that is to say, its prospects and customers
We can consider today almost all companies, if they want to have a minimum visibility and awareness on canvas are to community management.

Benefits for companies
The benefits of your presence on social networks
The impact of the corporate presence on social networks is obvious. See for yourself:

community management

• 1.5 billion users are connected via a social network at least 5 times a day
• 1 million companies have integrated their website Facebook
• 80% of users prefer to connect to a brand via Facebook
• The acquisition of customers from Facebook is high: 77% of B2C companies are managed
• On Twitter, more than 50% of accounts follow a brand
• More than half of the companies that are on the social networks on Twitter
• Twitter advertising profits expected to reach $ 540 million by 2014
• Instagram: 54% of the largest global companies have an account
• The global social gaming revenues: $ 6.2 billion of
• 78% of businesses say that social networks are essential to their growth
• To increase their visibility, 85% of companies rely on social networks
• 55% of e-consumers share their purchases and opinions on social networks
• According to 91% of buyers, consumer reviews encourages buying online

The hidden benefits of Community Management
• Developing your reputation
• Lead generation (contacts) direct and indirect
• Increase traffic to your site
• Creating a brand belonging to the
• New means of communicating with your visitors
• Possibility of offering exclusive offers cost communication
• Automating a strong mesh "OFF PAGE" more quality backlinks for better SEO
• Significant viral effect to the networks of your customers and prospects

For example, you can view below the impact that community management can have on your site in terms of traffic. On this site, Facebook is a great source of traffic.



Our services in Community Management
Strategy Consulting Community Management
It is a work that is done on two days. Our expert community management and the director of the agency establish methodically what action by social network or by media type (blog, directory ...) to develop the community. The ultimate goal is (see poster). This requires knowing what kind of communication do, on what medium (compared to the expectations and habits of the target) and how often.
According to customer issues, a benchmark study was conducted to know the strategies and the level of competition in Community Management.

Training in Community Management
Your web LankaDesigners agency offers training in Community Management that you will eventually manage your own presence on social networks.
Click here to view our Community Management training.

Coaching Community Management
Once you're trained, responsible for our internal web communication can coach you if you make your own Community Management, or it can help you to lead, guide and control the work of your employees responsible for Community Management. If you do not have the skills in community management, it is difficult to assess the quality of work done by your employees, we can handle it with an important weekly and monthly report we send to you showing the work done by the objectives set in the previous month, the provisional work to do in a month and measure changes capitalized far. The coaching work is done by our expert for you or your employee.

Benefit Community Management
We can make this work for you. Depending on the technical aspects of your business it is sometimes necessary to be well integrated into your business, or to be present every day. We do not recommend to subcontract out this service to all our customers in the heart of technical or not trade. Otherwise you can trust us and we realize the job for you at a frequency and density more or less depending on your needs, we will advice you provided according to the needs that we analyze.


For several months now the web LankaDesigners agency offers in addition to website creation and SEO offers a range of Community Management.

Always visit our benefit Community Management in here .

LankaDesigners also offers a targeted offer exclusively on Facebook. See our Facebook PRO offers .



* Figures in 2012
Source: Survey conducted by Social Media Agency



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