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Web marketing: marketing applied to the support web

Web marketing is the marketing applied to web support.

It is always to answer the central question of marketing: what do they sell, to whom? We can then ensure that website visitors understand that it speaks to them and offers them what they came for.

Web marketing includes many promotional activities on certain websites (display advertising, contests, affiliation ...) and search engines (natural SEO and advertising). In each case, the higher the resolution of your target will be precise, you will gain relevance and profitability.

Often, we must find a way to explain the use or operation of an innovative product or service. Our clients have the skills in-house to get to define their market positioning, their challenges, key success factors and sources of differentiation, but this work must be done seriously and not just flown. It is rarely done by other web agencies, especially concerning TPE or companies create, as they are the companies that need them the most.


Web Marketing LankaDesigners

LankaDesigners makes marketing work with you and adapts to leverage the web.

Before the creative work we consider your identity, your skills, your services, your target, your competitive strengths and weaknesses ... We can then advise you of your options based on your level of urgency, your budget, your internal skills and your strategy. We will present you with the tools to use, and how to exploit them in marketing.

This method allows us to generate for our clients, a high rate of return on investment. Also, before going into the details of our services, do not hesitate to ask us for advice or simply contact us for an exchange of ideas or opinions. Take advantage of our years of experience!

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